Interest a Design and development around IT and Web

I makes me move.

    • Interesting,
    • Impressive,
    • International,
    • Interactive,
    • Informatic,
    • Instinctive,
    • Ideal,
    • Imaginative,
    • sometimes
    • Ironic
    • and
    • Important
    • something.
So we like Information Technology.
Hello and welcome, we are Interest a.
Today's mood : "with Sherbic green" the color of retro japanese pre hand made sweets.
key font: Average / base color: pele green
We work, are doing the

Design & Development The world goes round. We are changing and progressing everyday.

We came from Japan and now are living in Netherlands.
Development as Cloud solutions, IoT with Voice Interfaces technology, Making websites, online stores, web applications, and contents…
These are our main works.

We are also trying to focus the differences and interesting points between Japan and other countries.
We hope to plant seeds which have the possibility to became good bridges.
It’s fun and also important for business as marketing research, and we believe it makes the world more interesting.


a part of works for clients

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