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We moved to Netherlands!

“How it would be… the life as nomad worker in another country?”

Thinking about this question for more than 2 years, and finally, we moved to Netherlands in the summer 2017.

Before, I stayed in France for a while, it was almost 20 years ago, and I had chances to visit Netherlands sometimes.
I noticed that Netherlands tries to new things so quickly and make the best use of their advantages and keeps progress. At least for me it looks like this, so I’m interested in Netherlands for a long time.
So I’m exciting to be here now and start living and working.

Actually, I’m not a good English speaker (as you see in my text…) and Dutch language is extremely difficult… Doing business looks like not easy but it is fun to¬† learn Dutch language and this country little by little, and think about the possibility between Japan and Netherlands and other countries.


posted date: 2017/Sep/10 /
category: Monologue
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